Monday, September 27, 2004

My brother's update

My brother is now in ICU and out of the PCU. Again, the issue of factual-based News is brought to the forefront -- I have been told by my mother that he's having a "test" done at Mass. General in Boston -- maybe tomorrow (???) -- I asked if it was catheterization -- my father emailed me back saying that is what he's having done. I'm guessing they are going to try an embolization (like Vice President Cheney had for those that followed that story) but I am only guessing. My SIL has the medical insurance and she just changed jobs and I am guessing that he may or may not have some/any health insurance right now so the dr. at the local hospital is doing the best he can to get good treatment for my brother but also being mindful of the medical bills.

This whole thing is just so hard -- especially with my mother and her situation, and my father then gets into it, and I'm trying to do what I can, but.....I'm thankful that my brother is ALIVE.

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