Thursday, January 13, 2005

Dreams in the head of a 3 year old

Natalie has just started having very vivid dreams at night. She wakes up screaming (as in the blood-curdling type of screams) at 3 or 4 AM. I immediately jump up because (a) I am concerned that she may have hurt herself and (b) I don't want her to wake up her brother.

Once I go to her room, these are the sort of descriptions I get about her bad dream:
"C" pushed me.
"B" took my Buzz Lightyear.
"P" called me a poopoo-head.

VERY rarely are we talking about monster-in-the-closet sort of things. Most of her dreams seem to revolve around children at preschool. But her teachers assure me that she is well likes at preschool, children like calling her a friend, etc.

Who knows. In the meantime, sleep deprivation rules the land. At least for Mom.

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