Thursday, July 27, 2006

Wisdom at bed time

Natalie hurt her toe as we left preschool today. Her teacher did a great job of washing it off, bandaging it up, etc., but Natalie thought a medivac was in order ;-) yet we managed to get home okay. So I spent some time cuddling with her tonight before she drfited off to sleep.

She is very excited about her birthday party, and there are so many changes happening so soon, especially with Kindergarten. So we are talking about her birthday party, and naming all the children that will be coming , and then talking about Kindergarten a bit.

She says, "But I will be so far away from you, not close to you like I am now."

And I say, "Yes, I will be at my office. But you will be near E (neighborhood friend) and Miss S (neighbor that teaches at the school) and many other people that you haven't even met yet. And you'll have a library at school, and art class, and music class, and gym, and a cafeteria..."

She says, "I just have so many questions and so much to talk about. I can't sleep with so many questions."

And I say, "That's because you are so smart."

And she says, "I know I'm smart. But if I wasn't so smart I could sleep."


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