Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My brother is home from the hospital

He saw his cardiologist on Monday and was ordered to do "nothing" for this week. He had developed some form of pneumonia (according to my father) while in the hospital (HUH???) so he has no energy to even use the computer. So he is sitting at home watching TV. The visiting nurse starts to come by on Wednesday.

It's hard to get the "real deal" from my father because he paints things with such a gray brush -- he said, "It's touch and go with Bob" and I asked what he meant. "Dad, if he's "touch and go", wouldn't he still be in the hospital? "Touch and go" would be someone waiting for a quadruple bypass, right?" And my father says, "Yeah, you're right." So I have no idea what the "real" situation is.

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