Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Accident reports

Some of the things that just go with raising children are bumps and bruises. These sort of things happen all the time, including at our near-work-site child care center. At the Center, parents get a phone call (usually) or they are notified upon pick-up time that "such and so" happened to their child. Then the parent signs an accident report, which already has documented what happened, when it happened, who was supervising the child, what they did, how they will try to keep it from happening again, and it is signed by Center Administration.

Some of these accident reports are very basic -- "Natalie bumped her knee when playing outside, we put ice on it and gave her TLC", etc. But some of these are true fodder for High School Prom Night. As an example, one of the accident reports I saved was for when Natalie walked into a wall while wearing a sheet over her head. (!!!) The corrective action noted was, "Teach Natalie that she needs to be careful when walking around while wearing a sheet over her head as she could walk into something." (LOL!)

Well, another classic (!) was for today -- evidently, while sitting down on the toilet, Natalie was staring at something on the floor, and she fell OFF the toilet and bumped her nose on the floor. When I got the call from the teacher on THIS one, I nearly ended up on the floor myself! HOW she did this is beyond me.

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