Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Busy busy April...

It's been a busy April and I thought I should post an update.

We had a brief thought about selling our house and moving into another school district in Fairfax County. That was until we saw what some people consider a "bedroom" in a house -- as in a room witha small window in the basement. Just what I wanted for a bedroom -- a cement floor with an area rug on top of it. So, we are staying put for now. Plus I really hate packing.

Celebrated my 42nd birthday last week and today is our 14th wedding anniversary. How time flies. Who would have dreamed we would be where we are with two great children? Just amazing!

Work continues to be very interesting -- I am fortunate to be doing things that I truly enjoy and I have the feeling that what I am doing actually makes a difference. That's pretty important to me, and part of the reason for my dissatisfaction while I was in a stint working for "corporate America". I am feeling pretty good about work right now, though. Now if I could just get my life a little more decluttered.

Oh -- one more thing. I started Weight Watchers at Work at the end of March. So far I am down a total of 12 pounds -- including 3 pounds down since my weigh-in last week. How I lost 3 pounds over "birthday week" is beyond me!

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