Sunday, July 24, 2005

Picture frames

My life has revolved around picture frames today.

We are going to visit family next week, and we have all our prints back from our photo session with Susan that we did in May. Yesterday, one of my errands was picking up frames for the prints. I huge heaping pile of frames later...I have them ALL DONE. I can't even remember how many prints I put in frames -- something like 30 of them, I think. But they are done. *whew* Took me close to 4 hours to get that done.

Natalie has been asking for a guitar for her birthday. So, while I was erranding yesterday, I went to the local big box store to get the Barbie "Happy Birthday" doll I had planned to get her for her birthday. Since I was there, I went down the aisle to look at musical instruments, hoping that I might find a guitar -- and I FOUND IT! A BARBIE guitar! She's going to be thrilled!

With all the focus on Natalie yesterday, Nicholas was none too pleased with me when I returned from erranding. So my plans to put up the new denim curtains we just bought were nixed. So Nick and I played outside in the backyard for a while.

Natalie had skipped her nap and ended up "crashing" close to 5 pm. Nick and I went back in the house at 7:15 pm for bathtime, but Natalie was still sleeping. She hadn't even had dinner. So Nick had his bath and was in his jammies and settled into bed. Natalie was still sleeping at 8:30 pm! I went to check on her, and asked her if she needed to go potty -- she said no. I changed her into a nightgown and back to sleep she went. She slept until 6 am this morning!

Back to picture frames -- yes, I was getting the prints into the picture frames, and David was downstairs in the playroom with the kids. He ended up putting up our new curtain rods while he was doing laundry! WOOHOO! So now we have our new curtains up in the playroom, all the laundry is done, AND all the prints are in the picture frames!!! Not a bad weekend's worth of work.

Off to the pool as soon as a little boy wakes up from his nap.

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