Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I. Need. Break.

Filling in loose ends...

Last week was madness -- we had at least 3 events running simultaneously on Wednesday night so I told DH I Cannot Do Any. Natalie ended up in bed -- asleep -- by 6:45 pm. She really needs her rest and this transition to Kindergarten -- combined with her listening ear "issues" -- I think are complicated by not enough sleep. So going with the sleep begets more sleep philosophy, we are making conscious efforts to get dinner done earlier and the kids in bed earlier.

On Friday, DH was a chaperone on Natalie's first field trip -- to a local pumpkin patch. He had a great time and I tried not to look green with envy as he was going on the field trip and I wasn't. *sigh* I'm glad that one of us got to go.

Saturday was more wackiness as Natalie had a soccer game and a birthday party scheduled simultaneously. We opted out of soccer (after her dance class) and instead went to the birthday party. She couldn't even stay for cake :-( as she had to get to her soccer team photo. Did that and then she was tired so we headed home so she could take a "cat nap". Three hours later, when she woke up, we headed out to dinner.

Sunday we went out to West Virginia to go to Camp Rim Rock's open house. It was a gorgeous day and a pretty drive -- and really, a gorgeous camp. VERY rustic accommodations. The best quote I can recall from Natalie was, as we were heading down Rt 259 -- "Mommy, where's the mall?" (!!!) The city girl may have some "issues" with the camp!

Monday was back to work and school. DH took Nicholas to the pediatric cardiologist. Nicholas ended up having an echocardiogram done. The doctor says that he has an "innocent heart murmur" and that he does not need to be seen again. I'm not sure if that means his VSD has closed up or not -- the price I pay for not going to the doctor's appointment with DH. *sigh* I just cannot keep going to all these doctor's appointments and missing work.

Next "big thing" up is the related fall festival/pre-Halloween festivities this weekend. DH is covering some with the kids and I'm covering the others.

I'll be honest -- I really think I'm on the losing end of this time/family management battle. I'm doing my best not to take any time off from work until 2007. But I honestly do not know if I'll be able to make it. I'm lucky to get 6 hours sleep a night, and my mind is racing when I try to sleep. But if I took a day off, I'd likely clean my house.

Oh, for DH to get back to work again...

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