Monday, October 02, 2006

It's October...

Can you tell that we are all running ragged? :-)

Let's see -- Nicholas went to see the "ear specialist" last week and (no shock here) the doctor recommended ear tubes. It was like DH and the doc had this neat little "pact" that involved getting Nicholas signed up for surgery immediately. I was so unbelievably peeved that I just nodded along, la-de-da-de-da, until DH asked me if I was all set. And I said "I'm absolutely opposed to surgery."

So -- Nicholas will have a hearing test this week (Wednesday) and we go back to see the ear specialist in mid-November.

Natalie went through her Worst Soccer Game Ever on Saturday -- she barely was on the right side of the field for about half the game. I gave up at that point and left with Nicholas. DH stayed to try to get her focused.

Of course this is the day after she walked into a fire extinguisher at school.

How can she walk into a fire extinguisher? By not paying attention to where she is walking and turning around -- straight into a fire extinguisher.

Let's see -- Sunday we planted some bulbs in the garden, with the hopes that the squirrels would not dig them out. We also tossed the plants from the window box and put in winter pansies. That process took a good 3 hours, with assistance from my two helpers. (And please don't say "child labor" -- Nicholas spent most of the time watering the grass and Natalie spent most of the time saying she liked placing bulbs in the "holes" that I dug out.

On my agenda? A haircut and a PTA meeting for me tomorrow and more after-hours work trying to help DH locate some job opportunities. I'm afraid that he's going to be out until well-past Election Day. But we'll get through it. We've been through FAR worse. Next month will be 24 years since we met on an election campaign. *shudder* I'm getting old!

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