Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Playing catch-up

All I can say is *whew*.

After Election Day was done, the entire week was playing catch-up. Nicholas had an in-service day on Thursday and Friday was a federal holiday so he was home with DH. We did have his second opinion consult on Friday with another otolaryngologist, who said that Nicholas needs tubes. Then Natalie had a doctor's appointment at 4 PM to have her first eye exam, and I was trying my best to NOT leave work early, and instructed DH to bring Natalie to me so we could scoot over to the doctor's office just blocks from my office.

So I find a parking place at the intersection where I instructed DH to meet me. I had a call on my cell phone that went to voice mail but there was no message. So I called DH in case it was him.

DH says, "I have a big problem."

I say, "What's that?"

"I can't find my car keys and I haven't picked up Natalie yet."

I say, "Well, I sure can't drive home and get Natalie back here in time to make the dr's appt."

So I do the speedy thing to try to pick up Natalie at school while on the phone with the eye doctor's office. There's no way I can be 20 minutes late to an appointment, especially on a Friday -- so I reschedule her appointment while I am trying to beeline to Natalie's school.

Sure -- I'm managing this motherhood thing so well, aren't I? ;-)

Saturday was dance class and Natalie's last soccer game and then a "party" at Mcdonalds. Can I just say I am so glad soccer season is over?

Sunday was church, Sunday school, and baking for a charity event at work.

Monday was back to work, lunch with a friend in town, and getting ready for Nicholas' birthday party by dropping off invitations and ordering party supplies and good bag "things". (He's having his birthday party at the Falls Church Volunteer Fire Department -- he is SO EXCITED and his friends are, too. My friend T at work had her son's birthday party there last year and the kids loved it! I know Nicholas and his friends will have so much fun!)

Tuesday was civic association meeting night. Today was Nicholas' doctor's appointment with otolaryngologist #1 and we need to call tomorrow to book his surgery. :-( Looks like it will happen on Thursday November 30.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Luncheon at Natalie's school -- we are all going for lunch. DH will drop Nicholas off after lunch while I boogie on back to work. And of course tomorrow is Restaurant Night for Natalie's school -- at the local Chuck E. Cheese.

And Friday is Movie Night at Natalie's school to see the movie Cars.

Saturday is dance class, and a birthday party. I would really like to go to the Smithsonian to see The Polar Express in the IMAX theater, but I'm not sure if we can pull it off. It might have to wait for another time.

So if you wonder what I've been doing -- I'm just running and running and running. :-) Hire Him Now Vibes are most appreciated for DH, too -- Election Day certainly opened up "all sorts of possibilities". DH needs to get back to work for financial reasons and psychological reasons. He thrives on adult contact and he's just not getting enough right now.

Now, speaking of's time to get children to bed...

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