Monday, December 04, 2006

No free weekends

Yes, we are back into the regular time of the year when there are literally no free weekends. As in NO free time on the weekends.

Saturday was dance class and then off to the tree farm to get our Christmas tree. DH did the chopping this year. Natalie and Nicholas enjoyed marshmallows -- not toasted, thank you -- while the tree was tied to the top of the minivan.

After getting the tree into the house, we went shopping. Tysons is such a lovely place on a weekend during the holiday season. (sure) We were smart enough to grab lunch first. After some shopping -- which we somehow managed to get through that, thank you -- we headed back home for dinner.

Sunday was "get the tree decorated quickly so we can take Christmas photos" time. Got that done -- you see the picture we settled on. We took about 30 pictures and that was the best of the lot. Then we had time for a 20 minute lunch before heading to see The Nutcracker. DH stayed home whike I took the kids. :-) After that, Nicholas fell asleep so I brought him home and took Natalie with me back to Tysons so I could get some presents for myself on sale. (Couldn't manage to pull that off on Saturday with Nicholas attached to me like glue.) Then back home for some dinner.

I had a conference to attend today so DH took care of drop off and pick up. At pick up time, Natalie didn't want to leave at 3:55 pm so DH said he would be back for her after picking up Nicholas. He grabbed dinner, went to pick up Nicholas, and made the circle back to pick up Natalie. Thanks to metro DC traffic, he pulled in to pick her up 2 hours later. Yes, he marvels at how I do dual pick-ups every day. I am a mystery. :-)

Oh -- some GREAT news! Mom & Dad are coming to be with us for Christmas! This decision just happened last week. We are ALL thrilled! Even Natalie is helping to clean the house to ready for their visit! ;-)

This week is birthday party preparation week. My sugarplum's first "big" birthday party is just a short time away!

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