Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An update

Well, all the good vibes are most appreciated...

DH had an interview with a Member of Congress and the Member said that he would get in touch with him on Tuesday. Then Tuesday came and went and we heard nothing. Then Wednesday passed, and Thursday...and the Member has still not gotten in touch.

Yes, it is disappointing. I told DH that it says a lot about that Member re: keeping one's word. It's just hard to hear the "it's probably for the best" message when it's been 7 months.

In the meantime he is still interviewing. I truly wish he would broaden his search a bit. But he won't.

I've been sick with some sort of "bug" and the kids had something (with fever) over the weekend. Thankfully they were better Sunday night so Natalie could go to school on Monday and Nicholas could go to preschool as well. Natalie will get her first report card on Friday February 9. We are all anxiously awaiting the news on that day -- which is also the 100th day of school!

Please continue the "please hire him!" vibes!

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Hayley Alexander- YLC (MS) said...

Hey Karen! I saw on your profile that you like James Taylor! I like him a lot, too! He's definitely one of my favorites! Hope the kids get better soon! =)