Friday, February 09, 2007

Medical update, continued

DH took both kids to the pediatrician on Wednesday because we had run out of antibiotics for Natalie -- the pharmacy that we had received the 10- day prescription from gave us only enough for five days. :-( Since Fairfax County Public Schools decided to CLOSE instead of have a 2 hour delayed opening due to our less-than-one-inch "snowstorm" (insert eye roll here), DH brought Natalie to the pediatrician -- and he brought Nicholas to get checked, too. Nicki is now on antibiotics, too, for his nose/sinuses, plus bacitracin for a case of impetigo.

Then I started with a sore throat and did not want to potentially re-infect Natalie, so I went to get a strep test on Thursday. The initial test was negative and the throat culture results will be back on Monday.

Natalie and Nicholas are both hoping for a "big snowstorm" for Tuesday. The National Weather Service in Sterling is now talking about a "heavy snow event" and we're 4 days out. I think that's historic. It also helps me think we'll end up with a rainstorm. ;-)

Today is Natalie's 100th day of school celebration (which is actually the 99th day of school thanks to the school closing on Wednesday). She also gets her first report card today. We're all very excited!

Oh -- on DH's job front -- the Member that said he's get back to DH last month? He's readvertised the position. So DH is doing a "full-court press". I'm still miffed that the Member didn't follow-up as he said he would.

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