Sunday, February 11, 2007

Natalie's report card

An update on Natalie's report card -- she scored 24 out of a possible 25. She's great on verbal, scoring 5s ("exceeding Kindergarten objectives") for the two language arts components, as well as the social studies and science components. She's great on math, scoring a 4 ("mastery of Kindergarten objectives -- benchmark for the end of Kindergarten). But on the listening ears related "stuff", she scores "mostly demonstrated" or "sometimes demonstrated", instead of "consistently demonstrated". We are taking a strong interest in the "listening ears" part right now, which appears to be improving.

We told Natalie that we are very proud of her for such a great report card, and are looking forward to seeing the improvements in her listening ears that we'll know she'll be proud to show us on her next report card. :-)

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