Thursday, March 10, 2005

The bug -- phase II

Nicholas spent two days at home with Dad -- he had a pretty miserable cold and a constantly runny nose. No need to bring him to daycare and expose everyone else to it, right? Well, I brought him to daycare yesterday because he was feeling better and his runny nose had greatly subsided. Of course at close to 4 PM I got The Call -- Nick had a 102 degree fever. *sigh* So I called Dad at his office and left a message -- "Tell him he needs to pick up his son because he has a 102 degree fever." I just could not pull it off yesterday. So Dad is staying home with Nick today.

I had just ranted to the daycare center director LAST week that I was close to thinking about hiring a nanny due to the illnesses (since Natalie was out for just about all week) and now Nicholas is going through his round. It was the director who called to give me the news about Nicholas, too. And of course -- there was another child in Nicholas' room that was sick over the weekend, had been out for two days, yesterday was her first day back, and she got sent home with a 103 degree fever. Doesn't make it any easier, but I suppose commiseration is the only thing the daycare staff can offer.

On top of all this -- I have been weaning Nicholas from his lunch time feeding since last Thursday. With all this buggy stuff going on with him, it just adds to my guilt that "maybe I weaned him from lunch feedings too early", etc., etc. I know in my head that it has nothing to do with it, but Head doesn't talk to Heart too well.

Next Wednesday is his 15 month dt's visit. He's slated to have his vaccinations, including the MMR. I think I'm going to ask the dr. if we can skip the shots for now until he has a good stint of feeling welll. Natalie can such a horrible reaction to the MMR that I really want to avoid that if I can.

Sure wish I could stay home with Nick today instead of Dad, but this is just such a tough time at work right now. His tough week at work is next week, so we'll have to trade off sick time next week if it comes to that. I sure hope it doesn't.

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