Saturday, March 26, 2005

Happy Easter

What a week this has been.

Due to Nicholas' ear infection, I took Tuesday off to be home with him. We had such a fun day at home! We colored, and we played with Play Doh, then we made Jello together -- it was a really fun day. I have had so much going on at work, however, that I really "paid" for things on Wednesday and Thursday. By Thursday afternoon I was really "losing it", and talked to my boss about taking Friday off. He agreed that it was a good idea. (Have I mentioned how I really have a great boss? Well, I do.) So I took my one "floating holiday" off.

My one concern is that one of the teachers in Nicholas' classroom said he was playing with his ear on Thursday afternoon. I am hoping we do not have another ear infection brewing. But Friday was his last day of antibiotics. I have to make an appointment for an ear check for him -- note to self: call the pediatrician's office on Monday to make the 2 week appointment. Please don't let him have another ear infection!

The weekend forecast is for rain, rain, and more rain. Hopefully the Easter egg hunt is on for the morning. Natalie is really looking forward to it.

Oh -- two fun things we did on Friday. First, Natalie has a new bike. She actually has two new bikes -- I put together a 16" bike for her last weekend, but it is a little big for her, so we went to the store and got her a 14" bike ("My Little Pony" bike) and put the 16" bike in the attic. The weather is pretty drizzly so she spent much of the early evening riding it around the living room. Second fun thing we did -- we went to Build-A-Bear. Natalie brought home her purple ballerina bear named Jasmine and Nicholas brought home his brown puppy with Elmo shirt named Jingles. Both are sleeping with their new friends tonight.

Just finished watching the UNC - Villanova game. UNC pulled it off by one point -- whew!

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