Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Crayon To Color the Sky

The weather was pretty wonderful this weekend, so today we went to the National Zoo. We have a FONZ membership which gives us a discount on a stroller rental, and there's no way I can take my Maclaren Twin Traveler any longer as both children are now over 40 pounds -- so the rental stroller was the answer. And, of course, with two children, I had to get the double, because Natalie would whine about Nicholas getting a ride, etc. So I pushed around 90+ pounds of children and stroller today. For five hours. Uphill most of the time. And yes, I was silly enough to take the steep grade route to the Bird House. (!!!) WHAT was I thinking?!

We had a great time! We had to skip some of the exhibits simply because we were running towards the end of Nicholas' energy span, but we managed well.

Oh -- about the Crayon post title. I drove to the Zoo today and took Route 50 into DC. For those that are familiar with the area, we took the Roosevelt Bridge across the Potomac to head to Rock Creek. Natalie and Nicholas both love to see the Washington Monument, but Nicholas sometimes gets it confused with the Jefferson Memorial, particularly when we take our usual route across the 14th Street Bridge. So he wasn't accustomed to seeing the Washington Monument from that viewing angle. And he said, "Mommy, it's a crayon -- and it's to color the sky!"

It's comments like that which help one forget the five hours of pushing a double stroller up hills.

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