Sunday, March 04, 2007

Green Eggs and Ham

As I posted last week, Natalie's Kindergarten class did a special "read aloud play" of Green Eggs and Ham. In front of all the children and teachers in grades K through 3. Natalie's teacher somehow pulled off the impossible feat of getting 9 Kindergarten students to read their lives, with great timing of 9 students holding up artwork -- "not in a box", "not with a fox", not in the dark", etc. Natalie was great with her "dramatic reading". :-)

We took the kids out to get new shoes on Saturday -- growing feet, warmer weather hinting at Spring, and the chance to use some generous gift cards from Christmas thanks to Nana and Pop Pop. After shopping, we went to Kidwell Farm to go see the babies -- specifically the lambs and calves. Nicholas wanted no part of it, so he played on the tractors with DH while Natalie and I toured the farm.

Today we saw signs of our fall-planted tulips -- we have several 1.5 to 2 inch "sprouts" in the front garden. We are starting to see signs of buds on the trees, too. I cut back our butterfly bushes today, at hopefully the right time of the year.

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