Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring Break

We made it to Spring Break -- WOOHOO!!!

Due to DH's unemployment, we canceled our reservations in Williamsburg. We still are going to the circus today, and we still have dance/swim/gymnastics classes today. DH has an interview on Tuesday so the kids and I will do the museums. We will also go to the Cherry Blossom Festival activities that are going on throughout the week.

Did you know you can reserve a Tidal Basin paddle boat online? Very cool!

We will also work on Natalie's Science Fair poster over the break. She's really having fun with her "tadpole to frog" project. This from a girl that generates an ear-piercing scream if there is a single moth in the house. :-)

Nicholas is getting ready to transition to his new multi-age preschool classroom. Looks like that will happen the week of April 23rd (the same week as my birthday/our wedding anniversary). He's very excited!

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