Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Head, Meet the Floor

My head met the floor last night. Twice. And not by choice.

Sunday evening, after our day at the zoo, I was feeling pretty awful. I wasn't sure if it was all the uphill pushing or the hot dog I had at the zoo. I even looked for the "pink stuff" to help settle my tummy. We didn't have any in the house, so I made do with Tums.

Big mistake.

I was miserable Sunday night. To the point when Monday morning rolled around, I skipped breakfast. It was safer not to eat. Instead I took more Tums. And I skipped lunch on Monday, although I did have half of a sandwich at a meeting at my son's preschool. I had all intents of skipping dinner, too, but that didn't seem wise, so I had some soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Last night was unbelievable. I was in MISERY. I actually thought about going to the ER because I was in such pain. So I went into the bathroom -- and my head met the floor.

I came too and realized that I was lying on the bathroom rug. Certainly not the place to get a sip of water.

I made my way back to bed. DH and the kids slept through the whole thing. Then, some time later -- I'm not sure how long -- I tried another trip to the bathroom.

Head Meet Floor, Revisited. This time I wrenched my neck and got a rug burn on my face. And this one woke DH up because he found me on the floor.

So the Boo Boo Buddy was added to my face to try to get the swelling down. I asked DH for a banana, hoping that some potassium would help me out. And I slept some.

Morning came, and there was no way I could trust myself behind the wheel of a car so I could go to work. So I stayed home. And Nicholas said he "needs to be home with Mommy". So DH dropped Natalie off at school and Nicholas and I have been home together.

DH bought some Gatorade, and crackers, and Jello, and other bland stuff. So I have something in my tummy today

And I will be at work tomorrow. (With a lot of make-up next to my left eye to cover rug burn!)

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