Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Birthday Party Circuit

Wow, the things they don't tell you in parenting books. They do NOT tell you about birthday parties. And how they come in waves. And sometimes, even in circuits.

This is a VERY hectic time right now. First off -- my daughter's godmother (H) is coming to visit next weekend. H lives in Ireland (after shedding that loser for a husband that she used to have) and has not seen us in just shy of 2 years. She has not even met my son yet. She arrives on Friday. Which means we have to find our guest bedroom as it is overtaken by toys and clothing that we need to sort through for our daycare center's fall sale. Which of course has to be done by next weekend, too.

But this weekend was The Birthday Circuit.

Yes, two children in the 4's class had their birthday parties this weekend. One had it at the National Zoo on Sunday morning. The other had it at a local rec center Sunday afternoon. Then we have our standing swim classes on Saturday mornings. And then of course is getting the laundry done.

I have gotten diddly done in the guest bedroom all weekend.

My saving grace is that this is "only" H, after all. We grew up together. We've seen each other in high school band uniforms. Can't get much worse than that!

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