Tuesday, September 06, 2005

First day of pre-K school

Yes, my daughter's first day in the "4s" is today. The classroom curriculum has more of a pre-K focus. She is SO excited to finally be in the "speckled frogs" room. She picked out a new backpack on Saturday (Cinderella, of course) and happily put that in her cubby this morning.

Over the weekend, plans rapidly switched around. It all started on Friday. There was an in-service day at daycare and DH was to have "children duty" -- but then the House convened for the supplemental funding for FEMA. His boss actually flew in from California -- no one would have predicted that -- so both children were with me at work Friday morning, and then DH picked them up at my office at noon time.

So our plans for the weekend were dramatically altered at the last minute.

I did some online hotel hunting and found a deal at the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. So we stayed there Sunday night and came back home yesterday. We all had a great time!

We have been doing our best to follow what's going on with the post-Katrina recovery while not letting the children see things on the news and such. Dave Farber has been posting lots of updates through his Interesting People list.

One great post was by Stephen Poe -- I really liked his two point summary of You Can't Fund Everything and Our Risks are Increasing. My only commentary to his excellent "policy analysis critique" is this -- what concerns me is the lack of planning on how to deal with the disaster that everyone knew would happen since the infrastructure was not in place for anything beyond a Category 4 hurricane.

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