Monday, September 12, 2005

Politics...Massachusetts style

Yes, the race for mayor of my hometown continues to get even hotter.

As you might recall from my earlier post, the teams are starting to line up for candidates. All this will mean is that they will split all the "opponents" every which way, and the incumbent will walk away with the prize in the preliminary election (October 4).

Latest news is that Scott Lang, the last of the candidates to toss a hat into the ring, was endorsed by the city's firefighters union. Yes, the classic saga of who supports the police and the fire fighters continues for yet another year/cycle/decade. And the charges go back and forth:

Responding to constant criticism from challenger Scott W. Lang on the city's crime problems, Mayor Frederick M. Kalisz Jr. has accused Mr. Lang of running for mayor to ensure that the city's police and fire unions receive their pay raises.

"Mr. Lang, the police union and the fire union are working together to put out wrong and distorted information in the hopes that the public will not understand their true motive -- which is not public safety but unjustifiable compensation for police and fire fighters," wrote Mayor Kalisz in a prepared release. Mayor Kalisz was asked whether laptops in police cruisers are working as they should.

"What is more outrageous is that an attorney in Mr. Lang's private law office represents the New Bedford firefighters in their contract negotiations with the city and now that same union has endorsed Mr. Lang," Mayor Kalisz wrote.
After a while, voters get sick of this crap and just decide to stay home because it doesn't matter who gets elected. Tsk tsk tsk, dear mayoral candidates.

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