Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Required reading...NYT article on Women at Ivy League colleges planning for stay-at-home-mom-hood

I saw this article in this morning's New York Times and it became "the topic" of discussion on several moms lists that I'm on. It's all over the blogs, too. I especially like Ann Bartow's post about the article on Sivacracy.net. I would add to Ann's point that these women will be 30 year-old stay-at-home moms with $145,000 investments in law school that apparently will not have to be paid at all through students loans. So they plan to saddle their husbands with that debt? And this is all assuming that these women can "easily" have children be it through bearing their own child or through adoption. And, once they have their "insta-children recipe" fulfilled, they will have an easy path back to the workforce -- and a part-time one at that -- down the road.

Wow. Makes me glad that I did not go to an Ivy League college. At least I have some sense of the real world.

See RebelDad's post about the same article, too -- a great perspective from a dad.

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