Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Transitions, continued...

My daughter moved over to the pre-K room right after Labor Day. She has been in the same daycare center (yes, it is a high quality one -- I'm sure some of the Yale women as described by Amber at Prettier Than Napoleon would bash me nonetheless) since she was 6 months old. She has ALWAYS had an easy transition. This one, though, is not going so well.

There is a girl in her pre-K class that she has known since she started at the daycare. (I'll call her B.) B is a little rough around the egdes. An example: my daughter and B were outside on Monday afternoon coloring with markers. Natalie was coloring on her paper, and she went to get up to leave with me, and B "snatched" the paper away from Natalie. Natalie -- at her super-sensitive best -- started bawling. To make a long story short, we managed to get out of there and over to the classroom to pick up my son, and we were all having fun together, and all was great. We made it out to the atrium of the building and my son was fascinated by a sculture in the atrium -- and who walks out to leave? B and her mom. B goes over to Natalie and says, "You'll never see that paper again!" and rips it up in front of her. Natalie bawls again. *sigh*

Well, this has been going on since the transition. Admittedly Natalie is hardly the "golden child" and she can whine with the best of the them. And she can be absolutely supersensitive to boot. Plus we are having all sorts of sleep issues right now -- this from my great napper. So I'm working with the teacher on this. Plus the curriculum director. Plus the center director. It's just REALLY hard.

And a totally unrelated note -- Hurricane Rita is currently a catageory 5 hurricane and has the third lowest pressure of any north Atlantic hurricane. Goodness, I hope ths thing weakens (at least a little) before landfall. And kudos to Max Mayfield for his great testimony before the Senate yesterday.

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