Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The birthday girl turns 4

Sorry I have been away for a while...the madness of birthday party planning and readying for a trip really took a toll, especially in terms of posting here.

I ended up taking Friday off from work as the load was too much for me in terms of readying for the birthday parties and managing to pack for our trip. I got our bags packed in 2 hours and picked up the (42) cupcakes at the bakery for the party at pre-school. I also managed to make it over for the re-fi signing, although the re-fi meant that DH could not make it in time for Natalie's party at pre-school. She did not seem to mind too much.

Friday night was busy readying for the Saturday birthday party and for doing more pre-travel angst stuff.

Saturday involved picking up the cake at this incredible bakery and then making a grocery store run for drinks, ice, etc. Also managed to make it to dance class -- and in time! -- and DH managed to pick up the balloons. We got over to the rec center at 1 pm but did not factor two things into thr equation: (1) that it would take close to 30 minutes to lug everything inside, because we were also having to keep an eye on two small children, and (2) that Power Tots would be 30 minutes late to the party due to bad directions thanks to MapQuest. But it all worked out somehow and the party was wonderful! After the lengthy (2 minute!) ride home in the car, both kids were fast asleep when we got hom at 4:40 pm. So I did a mad dash to pull party related stuff out of the minivan and travel bags into the minivan, and both kids slept through the whole thing. We were on the road on the Beltway by 5:50 pm.

We drove on Saturday night and encountered very little traffic. We stopped over for a the night in Norwalk (checked in to the hotel at 12:15 am) and resumed our drive the next morning. We made it to my parents' house at 12:15 pm. All in all, not a bad trip.

Monday was spent with some pool time and a family dinner at the Mattapoisett Chowder House -- good food and good fun. Today was spent at the Whaling Museum and dinner at Davey's Locker. We also managed to get Natalie's birthday photo done at Picture People at the Taunton Galleria.

Tomorrow we are off to the Cape Cod Melody Tent to see a performance of Cinderella. Not so sure how Nicholas will take to a theatre performance, but we'll see how it goes.

Once thing I have noticed coming back here -- it seems like everyone I used to like to hang out with in high school has left the area, and the ones that I purposely avoided in high school have all stayed here. Maybe that's just my perception vs. "reality", but it is something that I have noticed. Of course I have been out of high school for 25 years, too -- maybe I am just old!

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