Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Well, we went to see Cinderella today. It was HOT -- as in VERY hot -- and being inside a huge tent didn't help matters. But the performance by Kaleidescope Theatre was WONDERFUL! It started at 11 am and had one 15 minute intermission at Noon, but my daughter was VERY attentive. She even told me she was so impressed with the Fairy Godmother that she wants to dress up like her instead of Cinderella! If you are ever in the Rhode Island/southeastern Massachusetts area, I HIGHLY recommend seeking out one of their performances. Plus the group is just a great cause altogether.

Another neat thing that happened today -- while sitting in our seats at the Melody Tent, Natalie saw that a man in front of us dropped some money on the ground (while sitting in his seat). She picked it up and saw several bills (not sure if she knew they were $20 bills, but she definitely knew they were "bigger than fives"), and she gave them back to him with an "excuse me, sir -- I think you dropped this". She did this without ANY prompting by me. The man thanked her for giving the $60 to him. Several minutes later, the man's wife came back with some food for their daughter. He asked her for a $5 bill as he wanted to "reward honesty". So he gave the $5 to Natalie and let her know that "honesty is always rewarded". I'm so proud of Natalie and very thankful for such a "teachable moment" encounter with such a great family.

After the show, we attempted lunch at Lindsey's in Wareham. Bad, bad, bad idea. The kids were tired (no nap) and hungry but the food there was -- let's just say we should have just kept on going and had a cookout instead. We will not be going back there any time soon.

We picked up pizza (take out) at Fay's later on -- the parking lot is always mobbed there, and the food is "reliable neighborhood restaurant" quality -- which means we go there a lot.

I'm hoping tomorrow is more of a "down day" -- we leave on Friday and I can really use a day to recharge. We'll see what the morning brings!

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