Sunday, August 14, 2005

Civic Associations

Our neighborhood civic association is in the midst of being reborn.

Last year, Fairfax County held a "community dialog" on gang-related activity in the area. There were several recommendations that came out of the community dialog, one of them being the reestablishment of the civic association that used to be around for the neighborhood. Several months ago, there was a "are you interested?" meeting where the organizers were hoping 15 people would show up. Well, 70+ people attended!

There was another "volunteer" meeting on Thursday. We're going to have elections for officers at the end of September, and I am going to help leaflet (and perhaps help design the leaflets) so we can get a good turnout.

On the way to the meeting on Thursday, one of my fellow volunteers saw some gang graffiti painted (? chalked?) on the sidewalk. This was right on the corner by the elementary school. The volunteer took a picture of it and it was sent along to both the District Supervisor and the police.

Read today's Washington Post article about the gang problem and perhaps you'll end up shaking your head just like I am.

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