Monday, August 15, 2005

Journaling...another Bad Mommy Award

Yes indeed -- Mommy forgot to bring the journal to pre-school this morning. Pass the Bad Mommy Award this way.

The "journal" is a basic composition book that the teacher writes in during the week and then parents (i.e., Mommy) fill in on the weekend with the things we did, the things we thought were fun, ideas we might have or even questions for the teacher. This is hardly the first time I forgot to bring the journal. Just drives me a little batty that I forgot to bring it today.

With Congress out of session, the traffic into DC is almost delightful -- and I got to clean my office today! My desk is actually NEAT! I tossed a ton of stuff, too -- so liberating! Maybe I'll get so inspired I'll do it at home, too.

I have been suggesting to DH that I toss my old dissertation stuff. He won't let me. I could gain a ton of room if I tossed that stuff out.

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