Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Great Clothing Sorting Exercise

Ah....happy weekend. We are still under a heat advisory here in metro Washington DC -- so what are we going to do today? Spend several hours experiencing The Great Clothing Sorting Exercise.

My daughter is not the easiest to fit because she has no waist and she has long legs. I thought her measurements would be all wacky at her doctor's appointment yesterday but nope -- she's smack dab at the 50% percentile for both height (40 inches) and weight (35.5 pounds). So why on earth is she so hard to fit? *sigh*

So today we are going to go through umpteen numbers of bins and bags of clothes to create the (a) keep them because they still fit or will fit pile, (b) toss them because they are ragged and not good enough to donate/give away pile, and (c) keep them to either give away or sell on eBay pile. I have several people that I want to give things to, and when the child's size/gender/season all match up, it's so much better to give the clothes to someone who can really use them. Plus I know what it is like to have all sorts of cute summer clothes for a little newborn girl only to have a boy born in the winter!

Some other news to share -- my daughter's godmother who lives in Ireland called to let us know that she would be in the States next month. So she is going to spend a weekend with us while she is doing her East Coast whirlwind tour. She hasn't seen Natalie in two years and she has never seen Nicholas, so this should be fun.

Also....shhhh...we are planning a trip to Walt Disney World in the spring. Already booked the resort and everything. We are not going to tell the kids until it's time to go. At least that's the plan!

Time to head off to dance class...

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