Monday, August 29, 2005

Parents and friends observation at dance class

Saturday was Natalie's last dance class for the summer. I just love the dance center that she goes to -- it's right down the road from my office and it is a non-profit. (Two big positive check marks.) Plus, it's not like some of those "chain" places where they charge $100+ for COSTUMES for 3 and 4 year-olds. The "uniform" at our dance center is a black leotard and pink footless tights. Period.

Her dance class is taught by a woman who is not only a dancer but also a Kindergarten teacher in Fairfax County. We all went to "observation day" -- DH brought the camera and I had Nicholas sitting on my lap. Natalie was BEAUTIFUL! She had the BEST listening ears! One of the pieces they did was listening to the "drum" (music on the boom box) and she did so VERY well! When it came time for them to do the obstacle course -- which was dance a circle around the circle, dance a circle around the second circle, hop over the arrow, and tilt over the triangle -- she was the ONLY ONE to get it right! What a difference between now and when she did this at age 3!

We are starting to swim classes in two weeks and we have already agreed that Natalie wants to go back to dance class in the spring. So I'll sign her up for that once the spring schedule is released.

On an unrelated note, I signed her up for CCD classes at our church. I just learned that the diocese apparently allows you to sign up for CCD classes as a non-parishioner -- at an additional cost, of course. The church that I would sign up at is unfortunately filled for all classes under 2nd grade. Maybe we'll give it a try next year.

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