Friday, August 12, 2005

More on transitions...

I did not get a chance to post yesterday as I was recovering from the Bad Mommy Error.

The Bad Mommy Error -- I posted on Wednesday about my daughter's transition to the pre-K classroom. Well, about 6 weeks ago, I spoke with the Director trying to get a rough sense when my daughter would move into pre-K. Her best guess was mid-August, so I have been doing this big build up with my daughter about how she would come back from vacation, spend a week with her "old friends", and then move into the pre-K class. This plan got a bit messed up because the children in pre-K that are moving on to Kindergarten are not leaving "early" (mid-August) as they have in years past. So there is no spot for my daughter to move to.

On Wednesday afternoon, I told my daughter that she would not be moving into pre-K until next month. This resulted in absolute hysterics! We're talking 30 minutes of crying and screaming. It then dragged itself into the night, as she was awakening every 30 minutes/hour with screams of "But I don't belong in the 3s!" and other assorted cries. So yesterday morning was a bit draggy for both my daughter and me, as we had been up so long throughout the night.

Yesterday, I emailed the Director and my daughter's 3s teacher to give them a sense of what Wednesday night was like. The Director called me in the afternoon and said that they will be putting a high priority to my daughter visiting the pre-K classroom a great deal over the next few weeks. They will be able to do this because lots of people are on vacation and such, so they will still be in ratio and all -- they just do not have a permanent slot until a child actually "really" leaves. So we'll only have to muddle through this for the next 3 weeks.

We're off to the pediatrician this morning -- a 4 year old well visit and an ear check for my little guy.


maxandzoesmom said...

i can totally identify...

my daughter has had similar fits.

i'm anticipating one right now because she didn't get on the soccer team i've been telling her all summer she would be on (with one of her buddies from pre-school). i haven't told her yet because i have the feeling i will be witness to a fit the likes of which i have not yet seen.

i think i'll make her father tell her.

love your blog!

Karen said...

Now a hand-off to Dad is a great idea! I think I'll take that approach this weekend!

Love your blog, too! I'd vote to move it from your current site, but I'm not clear how to do that on the site.