Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurricane Katrina and the evacuation of New Orleans

I have been following Hurricane Katrina for several days and actually wondered to myself when the proverbial "they" would start evacuating New Orleans. Yesterday I watched the news conference with the "suggestion" for voluntary evacuations, and I thought to myself -- "Are you folks crazy? You need to get these folks out of Dodge NOW!"

Evidently, Max Mayffield of the National Hurricane Center, took things a little into his own hands and called the governor of Louisiana to give some "straight talk" about getting folks OUT. So...TODAY...there was a mandatory evacuation announced.

And someone had the bright idea to use the Superdome as a shelter. Again...are you folks CRAZY??? When that building folds like a crushed tin can, who is going to be responsible for the hundreds of thousands of casualties/fatalities???

This is truly a lesson in how NOT to prepare for a CATEGORY 5 HURRICANE bearing down on you.

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