Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hot streaks

One of the great things about having XM Radio is the ability to listen to the Red Sox games. Yes, we are big Red Sox fans at our house. I grew up listening to baseball on the radio and my dad taught me how to score baseball games. I am looking forward to teaching both of my children how to score baseball games, too.

Of course it is so much more fun to listen to the game when we are actually up in mid-August and on a hot streak vs. plummeting in a spiral for a wild card spot. I've lost count how many Augusts have been spent that way!

DH is home with the little man today. First off, he got bit by mosquitoes again Monday night and had a serious welt on the side of his face yesterday -- I put some cortisone cream on it in the afternoon as his teacher said he was really scratching at it. I gave him some infant Motrin last night after his bath both for the "itchies" but also since he seemed a little warm to me. By the middle of the night (2 am) he was HOT -- and that was with him stripped down to his diaper. (I get really worried about fevers because of his sister's febrile seizure. I know they are normal and all, but they are just the most frightening thing -- you feel absolutely powerless.) So DH gave him some infant Motrin and we had all managed to get back to sleep by 4:15 am. 3 hours later, the little guy still seemed warm but MUCH cooler than he had been, so DH agreed to stay home with him and gave another dose of infant Motrin at 8 am. I called the pediatrician's office at 9 am and said we would start doing the "alternating Tylenol with Motrin" approach and the doctor is supposed to call me back.

When I talked to DH a few minutes ago, he said that our little guy is very happily playing and is his "goofy self". So maybe the fever broke last night.

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maxandzoesmom said...

love your blog.......

i'll overlook the red sox allegiance (look over your shoulder! who is it? it's the yankees!)